Knowledge sharing

Kodo Wallonie

General Description

Kodo Wallonie is a Belgian (French-speaking) Nonprofit Organization created to reduce the inequalities to knowledges and utilisations of ICT (Digital Device) in Wallonia.
At this end, Kodo Wallonie launched and managed the CoderDojo coding club in Wallonia (currently : Liège, Mons & Charleroi) from 2015 to 2018 and organizes holiday stages, talks in schools and vulgarization events.

After only 2 years, Kodo Wallonie became a main actor in Wallonia, succeeded to focusing attention on the need of teaching IT and logical thinking and, in October 2017, the Wallonian government realizes the potential of these subjects and launch a massive investment plan into CoderDojos, FabLabs, etc.
Kodo Wallonie is still highly active into schools to bring passion and fun for all people and also the less privileged public (public of CoderDojos & FabLabs are often kids of already convinced parents).

My contributions

As a benevolent into the various Kodo events, I wrote some learning ressources (in French) :

  • Atelier Javascript 2015-2016 (Javascript workshop 2015-2016);
  • Minetest;
  • "Qui-est-ce ?" en Javascript ("Guess Who ?" in Javascript).

I was involved into the CoderDojo/Kodo Wallonian clubs and have been coach and leader of the club in Liège and also President from 2016 to 2018.