Knowledge sharing

Side Projects

General Description

Creating is my passion as strong as sharing knowledge.
I use my math backgound to create solutions to resolve problems or to optimize existing situations... and I code every day.
Sometimes my code is good, often it is bad (a mandatory step to learn new concepts) and often it is not finished.

You will find here the list (mostly a graveyard) of the side project I did :

  • A desktop application in Java 7 (& Swing) using the GLPK solver to optimize bedroom management for spring universities or school vacancies (rooms wite multiple beds and a lot of people with constraint (I want to by with my friends, I don't like this one, I need to be on the 1rst floor, I snore,... ));
  • A ULi├Ęge bearmer theme (with one color for each faculty) (GitHub);
  • A LaTeX class for my invoices managment managing the multipages invoices (GitHub);
  • A old-style 2D RPG in LibGDX;
  • All code created for the sessions of Kodo Wallonie;
  • And other mini-projects not listed here (as a beer-in-my-cave manager).